Structural Geometric Topology II by Albert P. Carpenter

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This site is the second part of my first site entitled Structural Geometric Topology ( This one is a continuation of the last and is constructed with the same idea that these models are of both molecular and mathematical interest.

The definition of Structural Geometric Topology I am using is that it is the study of topological structures such as knots, links, tori/handlebodies, annuli/sieves, Mobius strips and braids.with geometric composition such as points, lines, polygons and polyhedra.

The common idea that unites these topological structures is that they are cyclic structures and that topology is the study of these objects and the spatial relations that exist between them. By following from a point of origin and tracing a path, one returns to the point from which you departed. That is what a cyclic structure is.

I would like to acknowledge the pioneering work in Polyhedral Topology of B.M. Stewart as published in his book Adventures Among the Toroids. It has been and continues to be a source of inspiration.

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